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BLACK by Ordinary Creatives

We felt helpless with everything that is going on in the world right now and wanted to create something to capture the beauty of this song that speaks to me so much. There's a lot of negativity being poured into our lives right now, especially for black people so we want this video to be something to remind you of who you are, below is how people view black. If you ever are down or want to feel inspired, motived etc come to this safe space and read below.

BLACK is strong, BLACK is powerful, BLACK is giving, Black is being aware of dangers, BLACK is pain, BLACK is boldness, BLACK is resilience, BLACK is creation, BLACK is royalty, BLACK is individuality, BLACK is a vibe, BLACK is united, BLACK is knowledgeable, BLACK is innovative, BLACK is patient, BLACK is patient, BLACK is soulful, BLACK is angelic, BLACK is timeless, BLACK is culture, BLACK is gorgeous, BLACK is compassionate, BLACK is energy, BLACK is talented, BLACK is intelligent. BLACK is everything to me. I devote this video to every BLACK woman, we all come from you. You are powerful, beautiful, inspiring and none of us would be here without black women.

Director - Marvin Brown

Dancer -Alyse Rockett

Artist - Nina Simone

Song - Black is the color of my true love's hair

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